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Remove the Front Lid and Main Lid, and wrap them together with moving pads.

Protect the entire piano from the Spine and Tail to the Bent Side with moving pads and heavy duty shrink wrap


Set the entire Piano board on a 4 wheller. and bring it to the truck. 

Interesting Grand Piano Facts



We will inspect the piano to make sure there's no existing damage to any of the parts.



 Start taking the piano apart by removing the Lyre and Lyre brace.


  • A Typical grand Piano may have over 10,000 parts.
  • A grand piano action is faster than a vertical action because of the repetition lever. It lets you play a note again when the key is only half way up instead of waiting for it to come all the way up like you would on a vertical piano.
  •  Grand pianos can range in length from 2 1/2 ft. to over 9 ft. long.
  • Unlike a vertical piano, most of the internal parts of a grand piano small items such as pencils, paper clips, and coins can cause very annoying sounds or get wedged in the action. Extra care must be taken to keep small parts from falling inside.

Secure the Lid Prop, or Prop Stick.



How to move a piano step by step

There is no 12, just be happy you got this far!!!



Then remove the music desk, and music shelf. Wrap all parts with moving pads.

Strap the Piano Body to the piano board, make sure everything is secured.

Next lay the piano down on a piano board slowly, and remove the other 2 legs.


Remove the first let, between the Front  and the Spine on the left side.

Not everyone is qualified to move a piano professionally. America's Family Moving has what it takes to move any piano safely and professionally,  from the necessary equipment to experienced professional piano movers. 

Your piano is one of your prized possessions. When you need to move your piano, please trust it to the skilled professionals of America's Family Moving & Storage. A piano is not just a piece of furniture, but a delicate instrument that must be handle with knowledge and care.

The right way is the only way to move your piano

  You should never treat your piano as just another piece of furniture. America's Family Moving & Storage has the specialized skills, equipment, employees and experience to move your piano the right way. Our piano crews are specially trained to protect and transport all types of pianos from Spinets to Concert Grands.

If you have additional information or have any other specific needs, please let us know so that we can serve you better.

If you have any questions about piano moving please give us a call!


Piano movers

Remove the Lid Hinges,

Keep all hinges and screws in separate bag.