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 let us know your moving needs and we will work on a plan to protect all your belongings, from boxes to crates we will make sure all of your china or grandfather clock will be moved the right way receiving the absolute most gentle care.

With America's Family Moving, your framed paintings and art don't just get thrown in the truck with everything else. Our professional staff know the process of how to carefully protect and pack your fragile items during the move.

Just like our piano service, our fragile art and antique moving service receives the utmost care and attention when transporting all your delicate pieces, to ensure they arrival in pristine condition!

we want to ensure that our customers receive customized art moving services that will keep their pieces looking fantastic for years to come. our team understands the investments you've made into your art, so we always treat each art relocation with care and professionalism. in fact we've helped many collectors relocate large numbers of paintings, sculptures, and more.

For more questions about Fine art moving just give us a call 561-955-0999

Art is a joy to own, but few people know how to handle and move fine art once they have obtained it. The truth is, fine art moving requires not just professional moving supplies, but also an understanding of fine art itself. We provide fine art knowledge and experience where you need it.

America's Family Moving & Storage has a division that is exclusively dedicated to the handling of fine art and antiques.

The transport of priceless items demands the highest level of expertise and care.

Fine art &​ ANTIQUES