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Besides moving boxes and supplies America's Family moving can provide packing tips on the materials you need. Depending on what you want to pack, we will recommend the right packing supplies.

Moving Blankets


Fragile stickers

Packing tape​

Brown paper​

Heavy duty shrink wrap​

Packing peanuts - helps to keep all fragile items extra protected ​

Bubble wrap - use to protect delicate, fragile items.

Packing paper/plain newsprint - use to wrap everyday items to prevent scratching, or breaking​.

It's the strongest box available, best to pack fragile, breakable items such as china

A four-piece box, make sure you protect your mirror or picture with bubble wrap before placing it in the box

Allows you to transport your cloth on hangers

Large box 4.5 cubic foot - best for lighter objects such as pillows, bedding and stuffed animals

Medium box 3 cubic foot - best for lamps and shades 

Small box 1.5 cubic foot - best used for small heavy objetcs

We'll give you a full refund for any boxes you don't use. Remember as you pack - the heavier the item, the smaller the box, for example books go into the small boxes, towels and linings can go into the large boxes.

America's Family Moving And Storage

offers a full range of packing supplies for jobs or moves of any size. We can provide you with all the supplies that you may need in order to move your belongings safely and securely, You can speak with one of our relocation consultants to assist you with scheduling a box delivery. 

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