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1. Do your research

Go online and research for moving companies on reputable websites, once you find a couple of companies, do a research on each individual one look for their reviews and see if they are a legit company.

2. Find a local moving company 

Some companies might have an office far from you and advertise on the same city you live in, the closer the company is to you the better chances you have to not have any surprises or hidden costs in at the end of your move, also make sure that you are dealing with a moving company and not a moving broker.

3. Set up appointments for a free estimate

Do not believe what they tell you over the phone, it's impossible to provide a honest quote over the phone, I don't care what anyone say. Make them go to your house if they say no cross them off your list.

4. Take your time

Never hire a mover who gives you a quote based on cubic feet. Never, ever sign a blank paperwork, or paperwork that hasn't been fully explained. Read the document, understand it and don't worry about making the moving company wait.

5.Make Sure everything you need is in the contract

When the company presents you with the "Bill Of Lading"

look it over the whole contract to make sure everything they said they will do will be there and ask questions like

  • Will it be any travel time?
  • What is the fuel charge?
  • What are you charging me for material?
  • Any additional fees?

Make sure all that is written in the contract.

6. Check Licenses  

Make sure you check these items

DOT number -Serve as a unique identifier when collecting and monitoring a company's safety information acquired during audits, compliance reviews, crash investigations, and inspections.

IM number - Any person who intends to open or operate as an intrastate mover of household goods or moving broker shall, prior to engaging in such activity, register with the department. Also called registration No. or Fla. IM No.  

MV number - Moving business Permit for the County.

7. Insurance

Ask about your insurance options. The State of Florida requires movers to have minimum insurance which is .60/LB, you can request additional insurance from your mover and they will provide you with options you can take.

8.  Moving day

When truck arrives make sure is the same company you have been dealing with, take a full look of the contract and only sign once you read it over, make sure everything you discussed with the chosen  company is written in the contract. Make sure you keep all your valuables with you such as wallet, money, jewelry. 

If you packed yourself make sure you write on the box FRAGILE and " this side up" so the movers know not to turn that box and be extra careful with it.

9. Payment

Most companies will take credit, debit or cash, in my opinion I believe cash is better, because once you fill out your credit card information anyone in that company can get their hands on that and use it, so its better to be safe than sorry, but whether your paying with a card or cash always remember to get your receipt.

10. END

If there is a problem such as broken or missing items, write it on the contract and make sure you look inside of the truck before they leave just to make sure everything is out of the truck.

If you have any questions or concerns about moving or what steps to take please give us a call and we will be happy to go over step by step on how to have a safe stress free move.

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